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Little SaidIt protip: Don't just link a tweet, those are still prone to being memory holed. You can also save people a click.

Dr. Eli David @DrEliDavid 🚨 Breaking: New report shows masks have ZERO efficacy in preventing respiratory viruses.

Remember “trust the experts”? They were wrong, again. 7:57 AM · Jan 31, 2023

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Research for decades prior to 2019 had demonstrated that masks don't stop viral spread. This was a pretty settled point in the literature. It's why Fauci said it to begin with and still knows it to this day, as demonstrated in his private conversations. All the "research" since covid purporting to demonstrate the opposite represents a red flashing light saying "RESEARCH IN THE DOMINANT JOURNALS IS NOW BOUGHT AND PAID FOR TO GIVE THE RESULT WE [BIG PHARMA] GOALSEEK." Gaslighting: it's what's for dinner.

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To stop an airborne virus you have to wear a fully sealed hazmat suit you have to be completely isolated from the outside environment these little paper masks they don't do anything and what about these people that wear the mask over their mouth but not over their nose it does absolutely nothing covid is a f****** scam it is a political weapon the vaccine is designed to kill you with blood clots

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It might work a bit, and it does no harm.