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I think stay at home orders or lock downs could be re-implemented after infections are shown to happen again, meaning it will look like the tail end of the curve only to be told that the curve is just restarting again.

I think access to fuel for vehicles could become hard to come by and/or regional checkpoints implemented.

We'll be told how the lockdowns have been good for the climate and that our economy is being reshaped for the good of the climate.

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"Regional checkpoints" sounds plausible.

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Not just plausible. They're now hunting for NY citizens in Rhode Island, New Jersey, etc to send them back. Or planning to. (I forget.)

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I tend to think this was a conditioning exercise.

Like children being taught to hide behind their desk and wait for some authority figure to come walk them out of the building during an active shooter drill.

What they've done is laid the groundwork. Make no mistake, the freedoms and rights lost have consequences.

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Tragically true.

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I believe it was TLAV The Last American Vagabond who was citing some sources that said this could be cyclical for years. After the outbreak goes away, things will resume a sense of normalcy, but perhaps every spring and fall we'll be quarantined against our will. Each cycle will bring on more shit and destroy more people, directly or indirectly.

With the fake news already crazy it might be a long time before we skeptics actually figure out decent ways to compile all the evidence of their insanity into convincing documentaries to share with those willing to look. After one 9/11 documentary it's hard to believe the official story. In this case, it might be more difficult.

Meanwhile they'll be censoring, pushing social credit shit, as well as the vaccines and trackers. As usual, they have the upper hand.

The biggest surprise to me that I just didn't see coming, is that our prison fence is made of sheeple. They have mastered the Invasion of the Body Snatchers and our neighbours are brainwashed squealers now.

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Virus is the new Osama Bin Laden. It will resurface over and over and they'll eventually push for ID2020 "for the good of humanity"

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I think a smaller outbreak PsyOp will occur, and they'll roll out the mass vaccinations as a solution.

A secondary PsyOp shooting with medical staff injuries/casualties will be staged to:

  • make heroes of the medical staff and create a perception of moral superiority
  • villify anyone resisting the mass vaccinations.
  • Gun control

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After the flu there will be a new mutation of the flu and then another.

They will push the need for more surveillance and when the economy collapses they will push the agenda of a global government.

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What about the Gates solution for COVID19? My sources are suggesting it involves some kind of microchip/electronic tag? Coupled with what sounds like mandatory vaccinations? Thoughts?

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Some countries are succeeding in the track and isolate method, others are not, so will probably develop a heard immunity in time -- but with always the risk that the virus could mutate and break out again.

What about the border between these two groups of countries? If that is open, then the virus will break back into the countries which were cleared of it? This would seem to be a compelling case for chip/tag.

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I think another viral outbreak is quite possible -- having used this less deadly one as a research/conditioning tool, they may have another one up their sleeve.

The following two incompatible strategies is also a part of it:- some countries eradicate it, some don't, so how to manage the border? If there's a danger of potentially catastrophic outbreaks as and when, then real-time tracking seems like a lesser of two evils.