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Are you old enough to really know Jesus?

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Anyone who loves God is old enough to know Jesus.

Jesus is very much alive today. He appears to people that love him through dreams and visions, and he speaks to people through his word, through thoughts, and by everything around them. Those that do not love God also do not know Jesus. And those that do not love their fellow man, do not love God. But any man can repent and turn to the Savior to receive the strength of God's Holy Spirit, and he will change his heart from stone to flesh, so that he, too, can love.

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Is "Jesus" in the room with us right now?

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For anyone who wants to know the answer: Jesus (the Lord) is present to any man who sincerely seeks him. But his face is against the wicked.

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You can pray to Jesus all you want, but when he talks back, seek a psychiatrist.

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That is a sad view you have, to think there is no God that wants to speak to his children, whom he created.

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There's no cure for schizophrenia. Sorry cloudy, that's incredibly sad.

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You are hearing my voice right this moment as you read my words. You do not see me in person, but your intellect can process the words you read. You do not hear me audibly through this word, but nonetheless your spiritual ear could hear the words, because words are spiritual. Words are certainly not physical. And God is a Spirit, not something physical. God is the Word, so of course he speaks.

But if you prefer to think I have a disease because I believe God loves man, whom he made, and desires to communicate with him, then that is your choice, so I will not bother you with words of hope any more, nor will I answer you.

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I can also "hear" internal dialogue conjured by my own brain. Right now I'm imagining Jesus telling you to read a book. You should listen to him.

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We tried to warn them about the vax They wouldn’t listen, ears full of wax We sai, it’s time to get down to brass tacks, But HR threatened to give them the axe So now their arms are full of tracks Their names added to the VAERS stacks And poems written by online hacks.

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Good rhymes. It's sad that many people thought their jobs were more important than their health. This whole time jobs have been available without a required vax, but those jobs may have required a cut in pay and a reduction in pride.

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HINT HINT: It is a mark without which you cannot buy or sell, and probably cannot be fed by the government, who will require it.