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Smart people take the courses which make them money so it's not a con forv then. It's a con for the idiots who do social science or media studies.

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I couldn't program worth a shit until I'd had some CS classes..

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Rick and Morty taught me all I need to know about life mothafucka sheit

Like how to draw like a five-year-old crackhead and how to beat women?

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Except for technical colleges

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It isn't exactly a scam since it is more meant to make people who doesn't do their research to just pick something because some people told them to go to school and they end up in debt because there's little to no return on investment.

I think this is more a family thing. If no one explain how economy and society work, then you're much more likely to fall for it. Which means poor families are more likely to not figure it out. And those who got lucky will likely not be able to explain it well enough to their kids to help them make a better choice.