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It's time to get ill

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If you are just south of the north pole and walk through, do you travel forwards or backwards 12 hours in time?

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i am guessing when i say this as an answer to my own question, but time is what time is what time is, no matter where you are at.

now that i think about it, what time is it when i am in outer space?

does it matter if i am on one side of the sun or the other side of the sun.

truth is, time is simply our preferred way of measuring something that doesnt really care how we measure it.

time is what it is no matter how we measure it.

i am an amateur student of the sciences and i was formally educated at the university of fuck u.

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Time is an illusion with a purpose, or so I've heard it said.

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The Eastern hemisphere is twelve hours ahead of the Western hemisphere since the sun travels from east to west.

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So if you walk across the north pole from west to east, turn to your left and walk back to where you start, and do this 10 times, you can gain 5 days?

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The path taken doesn't matter. Travel from the Western Hemisphere to the Eastern Hemisphere always moves ahead in time (against the sun). Travel from the Eastern Hemisphere to the Western Hemisphere always moves back in time (with the sun). At the International Date Line, the Western Hemisphere is east of the Eastern Hemisphere and the Eastern Hemisphere is west of the Western Hemisphere.

Ideally everybody would just use Coordinated Universal Time instead so that the time would be the same for everybody no matter where on Earth they are.

Another issue is occasionally leap seconds are added to a minute making it sixty-one seconds long. But when these leap seconds occur is determined on a case by case basis. That means that every clock either has to be kept updated or they will become a second out of sync for every leap second.

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I'm sorry. I've been trying to have a little light-hearted fun.

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me too

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Time to fill ur moms pie hole with my scrotum jelly

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