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Indoctrination: Children as young as 10 are getting social media accounts.

Normalization: Everybody else has it, including your friends, and if you don't then you're out of the loop.

Gamification: A point scoring system is built in to promote good behavior, using it more triggers the pleasure center in the brain from the higher numbers, and the punishment from bad behavior is enforced by your own social circle that also use the platform.

Children aren't taught strategy or tactics anymore. They want the attention their two working parents never provided them. Social media became the perfect way to fill the void with the illusion of being noticed by their peers.

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Narcissism: Dopamine hits in exchange for exposure.

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While I have no doubt that many narcissists flaunt themselves, I don't think the average person is sharing their life story out of ego. When everyone is doing it those who hold back are considered the weirdos. The urge to fit in is strong for the youth. Add 10 years of habit and it becomes normal to those involved.

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The average person has plenty of ego to engage in these practices. The barrier to entry to virtual prostitution just happens to be near zero.

Conformity enters into it, but it has no uphill battles to climb.

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entry to virtual prostitution

lmao. Telling internet strangers when you go on vacation and showing random pictures of food isn't as extreme as you make it sound. I was talking about stuff like youtube, reddit, twitter, facebook. Not onlyfans.

no uphill battles to climb.

Every time somebody tells me, "Hey, I couldn't find you on facebook." and I reply with, "I don't do social media." Every person has given me the same shocked look of confusion like there's something wrong with me. It's really creepy when your boss asks you for your account details to check if they comply with company policy and then threatening to fire you if they find out you lied about not having one. The barrier to entry is zero, but the peer pressure is real.

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What's funny is people bitch about facial recognition technology and cameras but think nothing about posting everything on social media.

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Some roles such as journalism benefit from a built up repertoire and seeing who you are talking to.

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If that was the solution you should be buying an apple now or some shit.