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This bill doesn't infringe freedom of speech. This bill does not prohibit speech at all. If anything it protects the freedom of speech of LGBTQI individuals.

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Thank you for your stating your position.

My own is that this bill Will be used to politically target non adherents to Gender Ideology. I’m suspicious of an elitist and corporate backed ideology that has such tactics and aims as described in the Dentons Report.

from the Spectator article about the Report:

For example:

‘In Ireland, Denmark and Norway, changes to the law on legal gender recognition were put through at the same time as other more popular reforms such as marriage equality legislation. This provided a veil of protection, particularly in Ireland, where marriage equality was strongly supported, but gender identity remained a more difficult issue to win public support for.'


Although it offers extensive advice about the need to keep the trans-rights agenda out of the public’s gaze, the report has rather less to say about the possibility that advocates might just try doing what everyone else in politics does and make a persuasive argument for their cause. Actually convincing people that this stuff is a good idea doesn’t feature much in the report, which runs to 65 pages.

This is not about LGB, whenever the T is attached. Has there ever been a Civil Rights movement with this much money, media, established organization (NGOs and charities), corporate, or political support? Has discourse been discouraged to the extent we’re seeing(/not seeing)?

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I didn't state my position on the bill. I stated facts about the bill so that it could be debated on its merits. I oppose the bill because I don't want America spending tax dollars to police the world. America's national debt is nearing thirty trillion dollars. This is an unfair (and possibly insurmountable) burden to place on the next generations.