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Basically zero. I remember thinking "Man, the pro-white stuff is OK if only we could get these retards to stop obsessing over 'da joos'" Over time i learned more and lost enough arguments to learn that no, it mostly just is the Jews

Edit: Addendum

"The organized Jewish community is the principal enemy — not the sole enemy, but the principal enemy — of every attempt to halt and reverse white extinction. One cannot defeat an enemy one will not name. Therefore, White nationalism is inescapably anti-Semitic."

-Greg Johnson

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Based quote from Greg.

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"Man, the pro-white stuff is OK if only we could get these retards to stop obsessing over 'da joos'"

I had the same view. The JQ was the very last red pill I swallowed.

That being said, not every single Jew is out to get us. Even Greg points this out. Some Jews - although a small minority - are closer to our ideas.

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Some Jews - although a small minority - are closer to our ideas.

The issue, just like all other ethnic groups this applies to, is that they are first and foremost for their own race. That isn't a bad thing, either, people should favor and look out for their own race before foreigners, however when Jews do it, it's quite hypocritical. Especially when they basically espouse repainted Zionism with a "le based NatSoc version" veneer to gain acceptance.

I'll admit there are some "based Jews", but overall none of their race, unless they are some kind of orphaned-at-birth story where they never came into contact with any Jew culture or cultural influences or any other Jews that did, escapes that little bug in the back of their brain that says "Hate Christ! Hate Whitey! Hate everyone that's better than you (i.e. everyone)!"

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Not very much, I only saw them as different religion and that's it. My dad made one comment when he saw me playing South Park game, saying "don't play that, son, that's made by Jews". And at the very beginning of my political awakening I thought Jews were based because they were fighting muzzies.

Oh well, we all had some cringe phase in our lives.

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Based dad moment!

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There were a few things.

In school, the Jews and their terrible plight were shoved down our throats constantly. I wasn't, "Jew aware" per se, but I had some questions. I remember asking my; history, English, religion, and science (yes, they talked about the holocaust in my biology class for whatever reason), "why do people hate the Jews?" I was curious, because there had to be a reason, right? Every response I got was either, "I don't know" or "people just don't like them due to their differences."

You see, I couldn't just accept that. These seemed like shallow explanations. What differences?

Around the same time, I followed many online liberal communities right before they turned blatantly anti-White. Never liked the homos though, but other than that, I was a good, little liberal. Well, kind of. I would question the narrative alot, which led to me getting banned for what I thought were pretty legitimate questions. I was called a Nazi and a bigot for asking stuff like: "isn't a million migrants a year too much?" and "why should non-Whites get preferential treatment? Is that not fair?"

Eventually, this led me to r/debatealtright, and I was shocked. These weren't the deplorable, terrible people I was told they were. They were intelligent and truthful. Initially I debated as a lefty, many times asking disingenuous and loaded questions, but I would get blown out of the water each time. Literally a week later, I was converted and the world suddenly made much more sense.

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You see, I couldn't just accept that. These seemed like shallow explanations. What differences?

That's how I knew 9/11 was bunk from the start - the stupid answers: "They hate us for our freedom." WTF?

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Looking at Israel's treatment of the Palestinians. They were always crying how a 6 year old Arab kid throwing rocks at a tank is worse than the Holocaust. They then blow up his daycare center and send a Settler to build a home over their ashes.

If they could do that, imagine what they think about the rest of the world?

Edit: Another is watching Israel support both sides of a conflict. Like the Nigerian Civil War.

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Looking at Israel's treatment of the Palestinians.

This conflict and hypocrisy was a major part of my awakening too, starting in 2000. Then in 2004 I dated a Syrian/Palestinian naturopathic doctor over a couple years but I didn't learn much about it from her I hadn't already learned. But it wasn't until about 10 years later that I dived into all of it more.

Man, if I'd known then what I know now, I might have navigated Toronto, Ottawa, Montréal, New York, Austin, San Francisco, Seattle, and Vancouver a little better.

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My first red pill was media bias, but I stayed basically a Bernie bro Chomsky liberal. Then it was the pill on feminism/women. Then a right wing libertarianism and Jordan Peterson phase and which helped me detach from the atheism plus and skeptic communities. Then race. Then holohoax (that one was easy to see though because I was already familiar with how to analyze historical texts). Then Uncle H. JQ was the last pill and I fought it pretty hard. I had a very very close friend from childhood of ashkenzai background and it was hard for me to accept that he was part of a group with such an obvious history of subversion of Europe and Christianity. Obviously I don't blame my friend or his family personally. Most Jews are quite unaware of their own tribes 'real' history. Every time they are exposed to their own history it's whitewashed with victimhood and historical revisionism. Most Jews do their jewing not knowing the collective impact it has on whites and white culture. They don't realize that by being so open to the black and brown outsider they're destroying the golden goose high trust white community that protects them and enriches them. In fact it's my little theory that Jews are only liberals because they hate not being the smartest person in the room and they think that liberalism is simply the 'smart people' political party. It's a weird insecurity they have amongst many others. Bottom line though: It's a much smaller group of Jews that pull the strings and coordinate the generational collective attacks.

Interestingly enough now with the knowledge I have looking back at these jewish kids and their behavior and in group preference with each other things make so much more sense.

Totally agree and that best friend I mentioned started to show those traits later in life. He very naturally gravitated to big city jews (many of whom were radical left wing) as he started to make money and now owns several multi housing structures he paid cash with and now landlords. His friendship clique were total assholes to me and assumed I was right wing even though at the time I was left. He didn't seem like a 'landlord' type to me growing up and I'm not really sure how he raised the money to buy such expensive properties but alas he seems to have networked his way into buying them.

edit. and to answer your question I was completely unaware of Jewish power pre alt right. In fact I was VERY philosemitic and bought all the victim hogwash.

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Bottom line though: It's a much smaller group of jews that pull the strings and coordinate the generational collective attacks.

It's like being automatically born into a fraternity by default - plus they select who rises even higher.

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I didn't really know anything about them growing up. There was one Jewish family who were quite nice and were the neighbours of my beloved Grandmother -- father was a dentist and heavily into theatre really busting apart those stereotypes there! -- but I never really thought about it. I do distinctly remember being very off put by having to read the diary of Anne Frank in school though. I remember even as a young person thinking this is maudlin rubbish and I have no interest in this person and wondering why we had to read about her and not really wanting to.

Later on I think it was the Israel thing. I converted to Christianity later in life but I was always sympathetic to it and I remember seeing a video of these disgusting, sidelocked Jews screaming at some Palestinian Christians whose land they were stealing about how they killed Christ and they'd kill the Christians too. From there it was a hop, skip and jump from anti-Israel sentiment to KMac, David Irving and everything else.

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I was 100% bluepilled on the JQ back then.

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Remember when Israel attacked the USS Liberty? The Spotlight (on the jews) was a weekly paper that laid out the whole scheme, and kept up with their ongoing machinations.

As for the alt-right, it was just a little too convenient for the jews. Oy vey, another group that persecutes us! Looking at the results, Trump and the alt-right were a pretty effective tactic that among other things, yielded White demonization, and a worldwide shutdown that requires hundreds of billions of dollars be given to the pharma🕎companies.

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For me it all started when I was a money manager, in 2001.

In... 1995 or so? Alan Greenspan, then Chairman of the Fed, uttered "Irrational exuberance," stating that the markets were going up for no reason at all. What followed was one of the greatest bull markets (rise in the value of the stock market) ever. And in early 2001 or so, still at the same job, he attested to very bullish fundamentals to the markets, and then they went on to crash and burn in a deep downard spiral. That latter event got me thinking...

Is he manipulating the ordinary investors? I didn't fall for it because I had my spidey senses telling me that SHTF any moment now (2001) - but my clients fell for it, they insisted on doing things that cost them most of their retirement savings, contrary to my recommendations. I left in disgust.

But I had gained some very strong suspicions on the JQ. Then, looking more into it, I found more and more and more and more, until... Hitler was right! He was trying to save the world! The bad guys won WW2!!!

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The bad guys won WW2!!!

It really is a mind fuck isn't it?

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Yeah, that's when I understood why there was SO MUCH propaganda about it. Because lies need to be repeated ad infinitum if they're going to stick.

There was a time when I thought "Yeah we get it, Hitler was a bad dude, he killed 6 million Jews" even while all the "Hitler bad" BS was already getting on my nerves while I didn't know it was all lies. And then came David Cole a Jew of all things, debunking that, and the official numbers dwindling while the propaganda numbers didn't, and then Schindler's List was one of the straws that broke the camel's back.

It took me over 10 years to redpill wifey.

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It took me over 10 years to redpill wifey.

That's the way to do it. Slow redpills. Just sprinkle them out and they will start to notice and ask you for more because they see that you're right all the time.

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I didn't know anything about jews until like 2015, my only knowledge of them was Cartman's jew jokes.

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the Kyle is a jew to alt right pipeline is real. in highschool we would call each other jews when someone was being disingenuous or sneaky

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It's weird how accurately disgusting his parents are portrayed too, but the joke is they're caricatures and jews aren't really like that despite the fact that everyone is like 'haha that's exactly like every jew I've known'. His mom is the typical SPLC tier kvetching yenta and his dad is a strange degenerate that wants to become a dolphin-tranny and shit.

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2015 really was a turning point for a lot of us it seems.

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0% And i was an encourager and admirer of them, i thought they were rich and smart just because they were hardworking. And i also thought that Israel was a legitimate and honest place, and supported the country (basically a Zionist not knowing what it was about). So, in 2018/2019 i took the pill and i had a reality shock, perhaps the biggest reality shock of my life. It is an issue that has been going on since BC until today, including (mainly) the Second World War.

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My family always teached me from a young age to be aware of (((them)))

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It was a slow gradual process over 30 years..... Living in NYC and reading Kevin MacDonald is enough to open anyone's eyes....

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I was under the impression they were extinct.

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Unfortunately they are quite alive...

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So I'm not one of you (philosophical and practical disagreements) but I will say that once you see it, you can't unsee it.

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What's your biggest disagreement?

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Religion. There's a lot more tolerance for putting down Christianity the further out you get. Even mild conservatives feel the need to defend it more than I commonly see from the extreme.

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Seems like there's a healthy debate about Christianity in the alt right. Whereas the left seems blindly against it and conservatives blindly for it (especially when it's 'judeo' Christianity).

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I am aware. I'm not sure that 'doubt' is "healthy". But I'm based enough that I consider Rabbinic Judaism and Temple (ancient) Judaism to be a huge split, verging on an almost separate religion.

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I'm NOT alt-right/white nationalist.

I'm 51. Growing up was similar, but I didn't have Jewish childhood friends that showed signs. One was a major problem in college (tedious story), but I've had other stories as bad with other types of folks too, so I'd never considered it anything more than an individual problem.

I've never understood how many cultures manage to reproduce. I've found many cultures, fashions, gestures, affectations, etc etc etc exceptionally unattractive and even repulsive. For some reason all the Jewish stereotypes are among these, but they are far from the only cultures "style" that just doesn't make sense to me. I've known many Jews, and none of them behaved with those gestures, though there were shades and hints with a few, but nothing to find abhorrent. Perhaps it's my biased poor recollection or maybe it's a factoid, and it's not exclusive to them, but it seemed to me they had far more instances of poor posture with that hunch.

Until I was in my 40s with an abundance of time and curiosity and interwebs, I'd never had interest in looking at "Nazi propaganda", but after the greatest red pill of my life, the Climate Change Scam, the second largest red pill was the great Holocaust Myth. Once you actually look, it unravels quickly.

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Virtually next to none. I would see a Jewish name like Cohen and think nothing of it

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I recall looking at many classic pop culture things and realizing the backgrounds of people involved, but I thought it was just a special sight not long before I shifted well to the right. Otherwise all I had was a very normie understanding and opinion.

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I remember being an avid Alex Jones listener back in 2010 and under one of his rants about The Globalists there was a YT comment something like "hey everyone just check the ethnicity of every person mentions as a globalist in this video and on his show, you might be in for a surprise." And I did that and like 80 percent were jews and that was the start of me noticing as well.

All it takes for some is for someone else to point it out

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I wasn't really Jew aware until later in my journey, but I've always been skeptical of Jewish kvetching over "da shoah". Even in my leftist phase when I first got into politics, I was a fan of edgy memes and offensive, anti-cancel culture content, which pissed off my fellow leftoids. That along with my refusal to drink the kool-aid on other shit (I was mostly pro-gun and pro-life even as a self-identified SocDem). Eventually this pushed me out and I went down the line of Solidarism, then NatCon/NatPop, then finally I arrived at the truth of Fascism. Around the same time I had increasingly been furthering my understanding of Christianity, which contrary to what some on this sub say, only exponentially increased my hatred of the subhuman Satanist kike. I used to believe that simply Madagascar-ing them like Uncle Addy wanted was suitable, but no more. Unfortunately, Hitler was far too trusting and naïve in some regards.

I think anyone who looks upon jews with anything but disgust and hatred either hasn't been personally affected by the slimy tendrils that they slip into any crack in our society or is, as I and many others were for so long, deluded into believing that 99.9999% of them have any redeeming or human qualities, when in reality only a tiny, tiny minority have even a semblance of such traits.

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I learned what happen around 1973 while tracing my ancestry, you learn a lot talking to elderly people who survived the US occupation of Bavaria 1945-50 holocaust.