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There's a much larger lie that is used to create a logical fallacy that people rely on to remain asleep.

Question: Why wouldn't the enemies of whomever is pulling of any given conspiracy alert the public to the facts/evidence/truth?

Answer: There is a single crime organization that runs the world.

Many competing factions fall under this umbrella, but they all answer to the same master.

The visible (and functional) top of this criminal organization appears to be the banksters cartel.
This cartel controls the US, Russia, China, etc. Through debt slavery.
A scam of "voluntary" servitude.

Anyway, the banksters own all sides through debt, and restrict the actions of the leadership. I'm sure the Russians thought the moon landing was stupid, and we're disappointed when the Americans were slowly brainwashed into believing it. At the time just under half the US population believed it, and that's why they teach kindergartens about space.

And they teach about dinosaurs.
There's never an actual dinosaur fossil, on any fossil display.
Fossils exist. Mostly small shelled sea creatures, snails, etc.
These are real, and can be found in many geological layers around the world. I've dug some up.
I can't prove dinosaurs didn't exist.
I've never seen a real dinosaur fossil, and all displays are admittedly replicas.

"Dinosaurs bones" inexplicably appeared about 10 years after Darwin wrote his eugenics book. Yes, eugenics book.
See the original title, "On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life"

The original book has two titles.
"Favored races".
Two titles.

I digress..

Anyway, there are also factions and many tiers within the banksters level(s).
This criminal later has to be near the top, because it launders the illicit money, and openly manages the debt slavery.

However, this doesn't appear to be the very top of the global criminal organization. But it's the highest level that I know of that can be physically tracked, and identified. Royal families also belong to this tier, as many of them are in banking, or in debt.

Follow the money.

The layers above the bankster layer are speculative.

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"Intelligent design" made by any man, has to fail . Ain't that obvious ?

"Some animals are more equal than others" (Orwell, "Animal Farm"). Or at least these ticks that like to believe in this kind of gold-grade bullshit.