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I usually never trust anyone - I either seem reserved or very friendly and welcoming, but I always know this - Never trust anyone blindly, never tell anyone anything valuable, controversial about yourself. Trust is the hardest thing to earn from me, the world has gone to shreds with trust, we usually ''trust'' people with status and power as you say, but for me? Respect has to be earned, just like money - Melvin Harris.

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Conservative Mennonite churches already do this. But you can't create decent groups of modern scum any more than you can create decent groups of rats.

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The industrial revolution fucked things up really bad for the people that lived in the fields. I think you place too much value on the gene pool than what you really should. I know a bunch of people that stand out way more than whites in several fields despite their inferior genetics. Overall, culture plays a bigger role. I believe people in the third world suffer due to being possessed by their own greed rather than being low ranking on the evolutionary scale.

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I think you place too much value on the gene pool than what you really should.

I don't. Culture is just as a big a problem. You can't create decent groups from people who are culturally ruined. You have to seek out those few people who reject bad culture.

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I'm not a Christian but I feel Jesus covered this when someone asked him "who's my neighbour" and Jesus came out with the good Samaritan story.

You want reliable people around you, not just people you like or look up to.

I mean what do you mean when you say you can't trust? Do you think people will steal from you, attack you, talk behind your back? Or is it just you need to trust people will be a decent human being when you need a someone rather than being lazy and selfish?