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If you're not sure what the official uniform of Marcelism is, you can look here (I saw him perform in the 90s). (See also: this)

But seriously this Marcelism philosophy sounds really neat. Is there more to it? Where's the name really from? Do you have principles, symbols, neat stuff, etc? Is it open to development?

I was curious, searched, and only found mirror posts:

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The name is actually an affectionate way of remembering my previous love, a girl named "Marcela" who I'm still kind of obsessed with. Due to many circunstances, mostly being of different countries, I couldn't even tell her how I felt and we ended up losing contact with each other but she still haunts me.

The event left me in a several year depression in which I only find confort in constant training stoicism, trying to develop the skills to save the people who were still close to me as I watched my country fall apart.

It's kind of curious that the word "Marcela" is derived from Mars, the planet/god of warfare. "Martial" is also related to Mars. I practiced this philosophy long before even properly naming it but I don't think It's a coincidence that her name, my philosophy and martial training by itself being all related. I like to think in a weird way that It's a final curse she through at me.

A lot of people associate martial arts with the traditional schools of fighting. But my favorite martial art in the world is actually archery. Because It's the one that really teaches people what martial arts are all about.

The perfect archer is the one who has learned to supress the self, your mind and body becomes the "Bow and Arrow" and as long as you imagine the target being hit, it will eventually hit.

This principle of archery can apply to just about everything you do, so you see, any kind of training in order to reach a skill can become a way of martial art all by itself...

Marcelism is just a combination of all the philosophies and principles I mentioned. Stoicism, Aristotle's view on the soul and the neccesity for constant training and archery.

I don't think I'll ever get over her you know? She was my best friend, but that's also why I had to let her go. I can only find peace by constant training and being obsessed with warfare itself.

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but she still haunts me.

I have many like that.

"Marcela" is derived from Mars, the planet/god of warfare. "Martial" is also related to Mars.

Interesting indeed. I had assumed the "Mar" was from "Martial" and there was a portmanteau with "cel" being related to Stoicism somehow.

I like the archer bit in The Prophet the best. In this day and age, it may be time to get some crossbows and slingshots.

I can only find peace by constant training and being obsessed with warfare itself.

Sounds like you have bigger issues than a broken heart, and that's no small thing.

I still don't know anything about this thing. Maybe you should start /s/Marcelism to expand it. In the OP and that comment you've got enough to start the sidebox overview.

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It reminds me of strength training. I lift so I'm a bit strong, that helps my self esteem because I walk around and Ik now I can beat most people so I'm not always scared. Of course a well trained martial artist would woop my ass, but they're probably pretty strong as a result of their training too.

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Believe it or not: I'm a natural in judo and legs come very easy to me.

I'm like a gurl: I still like jumping the rope, i'm proficient on skates (not only on the ice) :)

And when you finally get all your audacity together to strike me after you grabbed me: i still know where it hurts you bad.

There is no fear here.

Grabbing, striking and guns. More there isn't.

Training is a way. Martial arts i regard as bs, because you gotta find your way. Not some dogma.