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We're fighting the invisible enemy! Give up your rights in the name of freedom! Give up your freedom in the name of safety! Give up your safety in the name of continuity of government!

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You know, if people only took this time to evaluate their lives maybe they would find ways to improve them. Learn to code; unironically. Make a baby; don't abort it. Talk to people; over the internet. Jobs are passe anyway; we're post employment. Enjoy.

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Yes, improve yourself, but don't passively accept a papers-please martial law & the destruction of small businesses and the economy.

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Would you rather your parents and grandarents die?

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What are we supposed to do? I see many post on here, including myself, about what is going on and how evil etc it is, but I never see any call to action or ways we can do something about it. Feel like all we can do it talk about it, feel like we're powerless

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Drop the fuck out. Direct action via non-participation. Start working towards self-sufficiency as much as possible. Try and strive to an end goal where you don't require any of their 'help' or intervention. Obviously can't be done overnight, and everyone is going to have to live in 'their' world in some capacity. But it doesn't have to be all-encompassing. Use your time to learn and work towards lessening your reliance.

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Although I agree with what you say, relying less on the gov and being more self sufficient is a great thing, it doesn't really ring true with a typical "call to action". If more people relied less on the gov that would be a great thing no doubt but I don't see her that can effect change on a large scale. Granted if everyone did this it would, but that isn't likely to happen.

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Make others aware. If everyone is watching their corporate TV daily then that creates a hive mind. Their propaganda is on all day, everyday; we out number them. It only takes the majority to understand these schemes and get together to do something.

Education is important, that's why they have infiltrated and hijacked it. They say it is better we never think about these things, when in actuality we should be telling as many people as possible.

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Thank you Jesus for the great suggestion. This is what I've been trying to do but have felt helpless with just trying to make people aware. I guess it's all we can do atm. I just see all these people with an issue about what is being done in this country and I think, are these people being organized, can they be organized, etc.?

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They we're already doing this. And we let it slide. What do you think 'arab terrorism' has been for the past 19 years? The 'war on terror' was a perfect by-the-numbers bridge to the current war that we are now embroiled in. They slowly worked us as the enemy became less and less recognizable. At the same time it's been assured that there is little chance for us -- the people -- to ever recognize common cause or act in the interest of solidarity. This is solely due to our multitude arbitrary divisions that were manufactured for this exact reason. It has worked. It continues to work. Our chance was blown. The social breakdown and issues we deemed important over the past few years is all the proof we need to know it's over. 'They' have won.