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Great post.

This is all just completely disgusting.

Is there a possibility of reporting these people for possession of child porn? Would the police search hard drives on an anonymous tip off?

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Bardfinn claims that Reddit users have already called LE on him after seeing that Bitchute video (that /r/detrans ex-mod linked to; most people saw the original video when it was first posted to Youtube, so this video has been around longer than its Bitchute incarnation). I don't know if that's true though, considering how many times Bardfinn has lied before about being targeted. IMO the Bitchute video is too vague to warrant a report to LE because nothing explicit is being said, only implied by the maker of the video. We don't know who posted it and they haven't provided any other receipts to show they were substantially involved with AHS. Remember, these people aren't above self-victimization and planting things to make themselves look like mob-victims, so let's deny them that opportunity.

That said, I did once come across a post where Bardfinn claimed that, at some "large business that makes telecom/networking equipment" he used to work at, he once managed to put one of his co-workers behind bars for storing CP on the company network:

The guy had brought in a case of burned CDs full of kiddie porn, and was distributing it off our network, via Limewire. BU:

Again, no evidence whatsoever of this being a true story, only Bardfin's word for it (which is worth exactly zip), but it did seem like an interesting story in the context of that Bitchute video and allegations that AHS is infiltrating and planting CP on enemy subreddits to create an excuse for an instant suspension by Reddit Admins. Here you have a guy claiming that he was once a pedo-catcher at his previous job... so why would he encourage others to plant CP on subreddits just to take them down? (Again, assuming this story about Bardfinn catching a pedo at his former job is true and assuming he has no problem with being a massive hypocrite about this.)

Another the thing I find weird: if a subreddit was quietly infiltrated by AHSers using sockpuppet accounts, who quietly waited until the moment they began planting CP there... Reddit Admins should be able to tell that this was happening by looking at the history of the account(s) that posted the CP to that particular subreddit. If that account had no prior interactions (or only normal interactions) with the subreddit, only to suddenly burst out with posting CP, Admins should be able to tell the CP was planted by an infiltrator... so why won't they? Don't Reddit Admins have an obligation themselves to inform LE about an account posting CP anywhere at all on their site?

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Bardfinn is most likely a paid agent provocateur for the Reddit Cabal.

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Excellent post. Thank you for summing all of this up.

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Here is /r/ContraPoints & /r/AgainstHateSubreddits moderator Bardfinn openly arguing that /r/detrans should be "classified as a hate subreddit"

r/Detrans is operated by transmisics and platforms anti-science transmisic propaganda, as well as offering bad advice regarding the medical nature of detransition (Their advice should be limited to "Find a qualified physician and follow their guidance", while respecting the detransitioner's privacy).

AHS, you can't seriously claim you give a damn about detransitioners while Bardfinn is actively smearing them trying to get them censored and banned. Go and have a talk with your censorious moderator who wants to prevent detransitioners from speaking out, if you really give a shit. But I know you won't and I know you don't.