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Wow. I found your blog here, and everything you say makes sense!

An open non-racist culture will be infiltrated by all manner of divergent people, to drive away fellow citizens who may share their common ethnicity.

Some extremists on Voat put me off. It seems the site is down as well, now. I hope it doesn't happen to Saidit. Dear magnora7, please implement countermeasures on Saidit!

You might find an ally in Richard Stallman; he's as anti-surveillance as you are. Free-as-in-freedom software is a useful tool in a free society.

I will share your books. I thank you for them.

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Thank you for the kind words. Everything I say makes sense? hm I am sure there are some mistakes in there somewhere, and a lot of what I post at my site is memes from other people. On the shoulders of giants...

I don't use the word "extremist", it is a way for the oligarchy to minimize the anger of people who are being marginalized and enslaved. When you say angry people on voat, then maybe you want to find out what they are angry about so you can help resolve the issue.

If they are extremists, it sounds like you shouldn't bother. This is by design and is a form of programming your brain to keep you from learning and meeting new people, and ultimately for top down control of a society of human beings.

I am a long time reader and supporter of Richard Stallman, I recommend his news page, he has a lot of good things to say that are difficult to find elsewhere.

Thank you for sharing my books, I put a lot of work into them and I'd like to see some sales, but more important is that people read.

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They want to take you out of the present moment. Understanding their schemes is the first step in the process of letting go and not worrying about all the fear and conspiracy they shove down your throat. It's all coopted. Nothing new is under the sun.

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How do you find the leanpub platform and how is it regarding free speech? Is it any better than createspace?

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I have as yet not been censored in any way and the admin team has been friendly and helpful.

I like the platform basically, I am having issues with my dramatic works as they are already in pdf and taking something out of pdf and putting it into markup language to generate a pdf, breaks the formatting of dramatic works badly and looks bad. But you cannot upload a pdf directly to a company whose primary purpose is pdf generation....I find these pickles...

I am more concerned it is on aws and uses google analytics, so it feeds the beast, and every view by every visitor to my books is counted, and you have to trust amazon, which I dont, and no one should.