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They generally don't get banned, both because they'll just make a new spam account the admins have to find again to delete the spam, and because the ban function is half broken.

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At least the DDoS attacks seem to have reduced the spam.

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I don't really understand why everyone cares so much about boner inducing headphones, and the like.

Use your thumbies and fingies, scroll past it, move on.

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You can also block users. I did a few blocks a couple of months ago and have had little spam since. It's a select few accounts.

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For real.

If the ban feature is broken for admins, can't the repeat spammers at least be shadowbanned from the site or auto-reported or something?

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I unblocked all from my blocklist to see if they were still posting. Some are. By banning at least they would have an extra step before they spam again. My list of suspect accounts is now at 131. Today I added 4-5 accounts that were new. They're easy to spot. Go to All, and sort by New. Then look for the posts that want to sell you headphones, weddings in India, pet advice, IT services, programming, consulting, real estate, and on and on and go to all the posts from that user and report up to a week back. If they are reported they are removed from view, at least for me. Been doing this steady for at about a week.

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Whenever you report a post, it gets automatically "hidden". So it's out-of-sight, out-of-mind for you at least. But it still exists until it gets removed, either by a sub mod or a site admin. I semi-regularly try to help out by going to all/new and reporting too, so you're not alone in that.

Seeing some of the same names for months though is pretty frustrating, there has got to be another solution. If Automoderator exists for subs and can shadowban or auto-report, can't something like that be utilized for the site as a whole?