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stay out of the purple zone, and we can all saidit in peace:

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What if the users naturally create an echo chamber?

Is it fine if we make fun of people as well (just crack a few jokes, no death threats of anything)?

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If the norm of a community is name calling, that doesn't mean it's okay to go around name calling saidit users in general. You have to engage in good faith according to the pyramid.

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Does "I hope trans people get quick-scoped at the clinic" count as purple?
I'm half-joking, half-asking.

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Well as you're basically un-ironically calling for their death, I'd say that's generally not okay. But it depends on context. Also your overall post history and intent is taken in to account to judge your character. The rules are fairly laid-back, and you will get tons of warnings before you are banned, so I wouldn't worry too much. Just enjoy the site without wishing death on people, and there's not much to worry about.

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I think the word "hope" makes it assuredly not advocating or threatening violence, but that's just me. It's better than a real threat with "in minecraft" at the end.

The other admin is the head guy on pyramid policy...

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Derr, I really really dig the concept of universal respect. But, I just can't get into the concept of a new triangle-pyramid-thingy. I get along just fine, as I try to comprehend folks, but that pyramid-thingy, it reminds me of when cars actually had words written for what the gauges were; no guesswork. Now we have all sorts of hieroglyphs that change at times... The pyramid reminds me of this, and honestly when someone mentions 'pyramid blah blah blah', I really just wonder what happened to the golden rule and simple respect... hahahahahahaha

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I know, we're really out on our own by not having a short and sweet set of site rules. It's not new though, the 'welcome to saidit' post has always talked about the pyramid. I have to bring it up, because that is the basis of our policies...

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good on you, I mean that, this site is proving to be entertaining. I was only sharing my thoughts; well because they're my thoughts, and for some reason I just chuckle when I read about the pyramid; it reminds of well, some groups drinking 'the cool-aid'; especially when several members post it again!! hahaha

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Actually we have some of the simplest and least vague rules of any forum, imo. Maybe the policies post itself could be simpler and shorter though.

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I just get confused about when it's debate, and where the limits are. Hell of communities name-call 24/7 and it's their community norm. I do know the purple zone is a hard no, I've got that part.

The non-pyramid stuff, the 3 rules here is very clear though.

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Hell of communities name-call 24/7 and it's their community norm.

Yeah but I don't consider it genuine name-calling as it's not done with genuinely hurtful intent. If everyone obviously knows it's playful, it's fine. But if someone is just trying to be a hurtful ass, then that violates the name-calling level.

It's about intent. And the pyramid of debate is just an objective (as possible) metric by which we can judge people with good intent from those with bad intent. It's a lot more specific then most sites which just say "no hate speech" which can mean almost anything at all. The pyramid of debate is just a well-laid-out way of saying "don't be a dick". So if someone is calling names but everyone involved knows the language is meant in a joking manner, then they're not being a dick. So the pyramid doesn't really apply in that case.

But at the same time, someone can't just be an ass and then claim they were just joking. If they're the only one joking, it's not a joke. Everyone more or less has to be in on the joke. Again it's about intent.

If people have bad intent, the pyramid of debate lets us objectively measure how far off track they are compared to good quality discussion. Then an accumulation of low-pyramid events indicates a pattern that can then be acted on.

That's how I think about it. I hope that makes it more clear. I want this stuff to be clear for everyone, because it's the basis of the site's administration. To really boil it down, the pyramid is just a way to see how much of a jerk someone is being, while minimizing emotions getting in the way while making the judgement, which is very often a problem with site administration and moderation.

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This helps a bunch man, thanks. Regarding the name calling stuff, it sounds a lot like a no trolling policy. Trying to define trolling comes right back to intent as well.

So is it too basic if I tell people "you can't be a dick here" or "you can't troll here"?

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Go for it, it's correct. But it might be too basic for some people who may not understand the boundaries of what that implies exactly haha

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You can talk about Obama's husband as much as you want here?

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Big Mike?

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and name calling definitely applies when you are interacting with outside subs and users, that's debate land. The pyramid tells all.

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What if we're cracking jokes? ie a humour sub?

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Of course, there's already several

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Is 'lunkhead' acceptable? It's my favorite word..

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That'll do just fine

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Your question should have been “Can I be moral and descent here?”

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Spell check didn't do you justice. Sometimes it's decent, sometimes it's like a descent in a plane.

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That was very descent of you to point that out. Thanks!

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You would think.. but apparently some people are just looking for an excuse to be an asshole.

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and there we have it, Justin wants to call people names

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I'm going to blame this on my gingerness and lack of a soul

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Ginger isn't on the pyramid of debate. What to do?

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Has he called anyone a liar yet?

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i only speak truth

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Those mean different things for different people.

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why do you think they're ddossing this site

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Because of ice poseidon

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and they were being anti trans right on reddit?

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But 50 dollars is 50 dollars..

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What do you mean?

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It is from a joke:

Title of joke: A man asked me if I would suck his d for 50 dollars. I replied: "No, I hate gays".
Text part of joke: "But 50 dollars is 50 dollars."