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Why would you bother arguing a point when the vast majority of people agree with it? That simply guarantees you'll be downvoted to hell. One of the many reasons why it's better to eliminate downvoting entirely. That's probably what everyone else is thinking as well. That, and mobile users destroyed the website. Upvoting things easy or simple or what they already agree with, and thereby prohibiting any fruitful discussion.

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I never actually thought about just how damaging that design trait is. It's almost as if Reddit was specifically designed to align people's opinions, and punish wrongthink. >>Tinfoil hat intensifies, but also I'm kinda serious<<

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I don't understand people who wanna participate in Reddit discussions. I was over that shit in 2013

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I liked it for the mom subs. There were always new moms in crisis that needed advice and women who would commiserate with motherhood ups and downs without it devolving into childfree vitriol and/or a holier than thou super mom lecture like everywhere else on reddit. But then you say “Females are born with the sex organs to give birth so only females can be mothers” and you’re banned.

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You earn karma when someone likes your post or comment. It feels good to have your opinion validated by others. Each upvote you earn is another person agreeing with you. However, karma can be earned, and karma can be taken away. This is where the hive mind comes back into play. Downvotes are essentially a punishment for having an opinion that differs from the hive mind's opinion. It's why you frequently see new users complaining about being consistently downvoted almost as soon as they comment or post. They haven't had time to learn what the "correct" opinions are, so they never earn karma. But over time they learn what earns them downvotes, what earns them upvotes, and they shift their opinions to match the opinions of other redditors."

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This is a very logical stance.

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More like all the top level comments are getting their replies removed by moderators.

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PR shills only care about getting paid for their talking points, not for quality engagement.

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Probably because they are censoring the fuck out of it

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I think everyone's defecting from Reddit? The quality of the comments there has gone through the floor since lockdown started.

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Well, most of the women left, so...

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The amount of AIs increases and the average IQ decreases, so you get borderline retarded comments 24/7 on all main subs.

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Reddit is a waste of time

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Reddit sucks.

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It depends on how big the subreddit is and on the moderation team (and obviously there are many corrupt mods). I still browse Reddit but the experience changes entirely when I sort by "best" instead of "hot." I usually sort by "best" anymore and I'm in a lot of small subs with good discussion that end up in my feed that way. I do browse on mobile a lot and it's definitely tempting to reflexively constantly upvote, probably by design. I love how Said it's mobile app makes me have to think more about what I vote up.