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How can you tell you're shadow banned

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Short answer r/ShadowBan I didn't even knew that term. It started when I messaged a sub's mod asking if there was something wrong with my posts, because they were being "auto-deleted", marked as spam. The response was I was probably banned/Shadow banned. They attached a screencap of my u/ and it was like I didn't exist. They suggested me to go to appeal and gave me the link. It took me little time to find the above sub. Then I was sure. I appealed, received an automated response that I was caught on a spam filter and now I was unbanned. But I wasn't, still Shadow banned. So I'm just a ghost there, unless I decide to create a new account.

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Was it on one of the political subs where they banned you?

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AskFeminist I think it was called. I am a feminist. I didn't knew the sub was only for Transgender Activism. I respected all the rules, but they accused me of being "transphobic". I asked where I was being offensive and they didn't answer because I wasn't being transphobic at all! Previous comments were upvoted, even about trans people. So, I was quite confused. This mod said "No transphobia is allowed. No further communication is wanted" iirc. I'm not transphobic, I don't care what other people think about themselves, I have no problem in calling everyone as they want to. After this ban, I asked in some other subs, realized all actual feminists subs were banned for "hate speech" and that the mod who banned me is a mod in all feminist spaces still activr, except one. I think that mod has power and shadowban people like me, because they can't ban me from the whole site without a reason. I knew Reddit had misogynystic subs, but never expected to be expelled from a so-called feminist space for being an actual feminist woman (or biological woman as I should say so I'm not being transphobic, I don't even know if I should add the biological part, is that transphobic?). Doesn't make any sense to me, honestly. Why don't they call themselves Transgenderist or something? Even Trans Feminism would be a better way to define their movement.

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I've had a female feminist friend get banned from these places, even though she fully supports them, and all their rules. They found out she was a real women based on her posts, and banned her.

In my opinion, they are angry trancels. Now I know not all trans people are horrible people, but these days these salty individuals flock to reddit, because they allow and like misogynist ideas. I'd just stay clear of the site, not just for these things, but because they censor a lot of things, and ban people/subs for no reason.

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Fuck Reddit

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A mod of a sub can probably see it if he checks the moderation queue and can notify the user.

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Yes, a mod alerted me, then I found that sub r/ShadowBan

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Another loser.

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Who's the loser? I didn't lost anything. I rather won. I found out about things I had no idea. And I found this place. Where's the lost? A week old account? It's actually kind of cool to be a ghost in reddit. Sometimes mods approves my comments, so I can still get upvotes, despite being shadowbanned.