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Not fake exercise shootings like El Paso and the fake Ohio one. I'd say don't Trust any media both left and right, and don't trust Trump because he's the faux antagonist to said media; that we continue to trust the media, if not a priority, the priority.

Trump is only here to divide and conquer. His telling sppech seemed more like a Red Army, National Bolshevik speech than someone who purports to be on the side of freedom and liberty.

Research everything, believe nothing.

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They legally lie. Smith Mundt Modernization Act introduced by two republican CFR members and enacted as a clause into the NDAA 2012, resigned by traitor Trump makes it legal for thr media both left and right to produce propganda and literally, LITERALLLLLLLLLY FAKE STOROES. Fictional stories passed off as truth, even full community exercises passed off as real.

Watch OUT for faux-alternative media too. Always research the shareholders and owners of these media corps. That will find you thr truth and their agendas.

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"In 2005 the case of Steve Wilson and Jane Akre set an important legal precedent, although it was not widely reported in US at the time. The couple were fired when they refused to tailor their investigation into RBGH to suit Monsanto's wishes[2]. Ruling on their case, a Florida Court of Appeals unanimously agreed that their employer could demand that they lie since there is no rule against distorting or falsifying the news in the United States.[3] "

For background to this ruling: