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I think it's delusion... Everyone has an angle and perspective that they push.

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True. But it's hard not being a bit delusional in this day and age.

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At this point NOBODY is fair and balanced. I get my news from AP, Drudge, daily stormer, pol, reddit/saidit boards with mods I trust, YouTubers I trust, ron unz website, tim pool, we are change, bloggers i trust, local reporting with corroborating social media, podcasters I trust, bitchute channels I trust, Tucker carlson, and then I try to cross reference a lot when stories don't look or feel right. I've totally stopped looking at or engaging with anything from NPR, the Newyorktimes, CNN, MSNBC, etc.

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I'll check Tim Pool out. What's you're take on the "We Are Change" channel on YT?

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They are great with on the ground reporting. They were at the patriot prayer rallies and some of the yellow vest events. They also seem to strive to be as neutral as possible which I like.

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I'm not saying it's perfect, but have you considered Reuters?

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Rothschild's Reuters?

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Reuters (which is where 90% of US news media sources their stories from), BBC, RT, Zerohedge, and a few smaller forums.

You can only try to see it from all sides and infer the truth after you've seen it from all perspectives.

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RT was so much fun to watch during the last election.

It’s sad really. After the election all my nice liberal friends who lived in their Obama is the best bubbles became Antifa hate mongers. If it weren’t so personally difficult, it would be hilarious.

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Tim Pool and his venture Subverse are my go-to political news sources. He tries to present all sides of a situation.

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Of course, I have my favourites, too, but here's some out of the box advice:

Look for people you know personally and respect. If you don't know anyone personally who publishes online, find someone whose output you respect and let them know by email; if they don't bother to reply, seek someone else...

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Thanks to all who replied. This is pretty much what I feared. Politics get way too much polarized(as well as people's opinions) and that is what is represented in the mainstream media, be it corporate or state-owned. I guess that's kind of the point; distract people with non-issues and and divide them with things like gay marriage, immigration, gun control and so forth while major issues such as homelessness, poverty, erosion of civil liberties, globalization, neoliberalism go unaddressed. Call me a "bleeding-heart liberal", I don't care. I don't think there's anything liberal about wanting to look out for each other. But yeah, mainstream media sucks. Now they're trying to tie Trump with Epstein while omitting the fact other high-profile people are implicated in this. End of ramble.

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If you really want to understand what's going on invest the time and watch this.

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I liked this post and enjoyed the comments, thanks!

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Thank you! I was a bit hesitant to post this as the question seemed a bit naive and that it would be ridiculed. Needless to say, looking for a neutral news source is a bit of a fool's errand.

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I don’t think it’s delusional, I just think there’s no reason to want that. Even “no agenda” is an agenda to someone. My go-to’s tend to be Fox News, RT, and Al Jazeera, although I don’t think Al Jazeera is what it used to be.

I want to hear a variety of perspectives and know what they are. Just the fact of what some consider news is an agenda. If I know what different people’s agendas are then I can differentiate and form my own opinion. Unlike a lot of people it seems like these days, I don’t need other people to agree with me. My perspective is typically so much more nuanced, that it’s not often I’m going to find many people who agree with me anyway. Certainly not the ones spouting the same daily talking points on Facebook.

The only ones I won’t listen to are NPR, CNN, MSNBC, and the British agencies because they are just so smarmy and trying to shove an agenda. I guess their agenda hits a little too close to home for me. Fox News and RT, their agendas are so transparent, it’s just laughable.

But these days, I really only follow financial news because I don’t feel like the other crap really matters to me.

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RT and Al-Jazeera are good sometimes.