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I like the changes overall.

The only real issues I have are that the smiley face icon does bother me and that the top header is too large.

Having a V for a smile is offputting in my opinion

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god no to orange links. Blue is restful.

don't fix the top banner. That's called wasted real estate and would be an instant ublock pick

scrollbar is fine. I set my scrollbar properties in my OS, and site overrides piss me off and get custom styled to hell.

How about: offer custom CSS choices, but leave site design as it is. There is a tendency for people to make change for the sake of change, and I'm really over it. Google changes all the time and mostly it is a negative for me.

If you do force changes, give us an option to use this current style. Saves me forcing it with stylish or some other css mod method.

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Remove wasteful top header, chat and other elements. If I'm to use the website instead of the apps as default, it needs to be more efficient - not pretty.

Right now saidit is bad browsing on a non FullHD PC, and by the looks of your mockups, 30ish% of the screen is still wasted with the new proposal.

Edit: Its more like 70% is wasted space.

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You can turn off chat in your user preferences.

On non-full PCs, try browsing, it's designed for narrower screens. Or try the apps

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I'm currently using the android app from fdroid and having a great true black user experience on my AMOLED. 😎

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The header has about 10 critical links in it.. where would those go? Also chat does not show on mobile by default.

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The header doesn't have to be 5-6 rows tall to still display two rows of menus etc.

The problem is header.bottom. left which seems to have since sort of locked expando or else I'd just block the elements myself.

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I love it man. It just needs a little SaidIt logo somewhere.

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Looks good. I liked your original banner more, the colors are better imo.

And for the parallax thing to work fully, the background should slightly move downward (at like 30% speed) instead of being stationary.

I also like the original pictures, how tall they were: The new ones are too tall, we don't need such a huge header pic. I think your original mock-ups look best imo.

Thanks for taking the time to improve the CSS.

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I like the changes. If you want a place to experiment you're welcome to play with the design on my brand new Saidit installation. It has no users (it's only two weeks old) but if you want a place to try design changes on the saidit codebase in a live environment, you're welcome to try it on my site before it goes live here. Just send me a PM.

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I'm happy to use saidit in day mode as it is.

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  1. Icons - yes
  2. Orange visited links - yes
  3. Main banner change - no
  4. Enlarge logo and/or header - no
  5. Scrollbars styles - yes
  6. Footer banner change - no, not in screenshot

(We need to poll for one change at a time, this is too hard to vote on)

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here's a demo OP. i had to size down the banner so that it could be uploaded.

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OP I think we've got a good enough consensus for changing out the voting icons and the visited link style. Feel free to submit a pull request, or I can do it instead if you prefer.

We will need a day mode version of the icons too, where the white is black or off-black instead.

Edit: another issue is that the orange you chose is very close to an existing orange (like the highlighted tab on your profile page). So which orange should we use? I figure all of these oranges should be the same. Both oranges are visible here: Especially if you friend anyone on that page, the two oranges look very clashy.

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I agree that this is a good amount of feedback. I'm just going to move the discussion to Github now so we can discuss the technical details.

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Hey I've been following your work on github. Looking good. I did notice the banner filesize is enormous at 1MB, we need just a sliver of the height of those banners, 350px height max, because the banner is only so tall and the filesize needs to be as small as possible to reduce load times. However it can be 5000px wide or so, for widescreen monitors and so on.

I also agree with the other user that we should leave the default scroll bar, just for ease-of-use and cross-platform compatibility and such.

Looks good though, I can't wait to have a banner that looks like your original mock ups:

The green looks really good with the sandy brown on the left edge. Anyway, just wanted to chime in. Thanks