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Long times really increase the value of the interesting posts and discussions. I do not see that on reddit or voat.

It would be nice to have certain subjects linked to certain subs. (holocaust anyone?), assuming these subs are not blocking the discussions with moderation.

Additional news could be added to the active discussions (I proposed link-replies for that). This could reset the age of the original post.

I see that in forums where we discuss a certain topic for a while. And then continue after a few weeks or even more, after new information has become available.
Long discussions and new information really bring value to the whole post.

Depending on the sub, the post can be valuable after many years. Posts with how-to-do-stuff, or with conclusive evidence, are far more valuable than someone's opinion about some tweet. This value is often the opposite of voting, due to emotional reactions.

This latter could be linked with a different vote? Voted keep-this by moderator maybe? Or collective safe-for-later vote?

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No. The things that have good discussion going should stay on the front page.

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Naw. If it's appreciated enough to rise to the top, then it deserves to be seen by more people.

The truth needs to be made available to the public.

I'd wager that most visitors don't come here every day.

Most who do, already have a decent sense of reality. We can handle a extra day or two.

Inform the infrequent to get the message out.

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I've had the same top post for 2 days on hot. Yeah it could use speeding up. Also what default subs are on the hot page? I got some crazy stuff initially.

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The home/hot page is very similar to /all/hot, minus a few advertising subs, basically.

If you want to see only your subscriptions you can go to the 'subscribed' button at the very top of the screen. Then you can sort by hot from there. If you prefer to see the subscribed page as your home page, you can change this in your user preferences.

2 days is a bit much I agree, but it's only because that one post is disproportionately upvoted, that happens. Everything else is less than 1 day old though.

I'll mark down one vote for speeding it up, thanks for your feedback!

Also remember you can see the newest stuff at or with the 'new' tab. That lets you see everything chronological order. I do this sometimes if the front page is a little stale

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yes please. and filter duplicates

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I don't know what the 'rate' is but hot topics being viable for over 24 hours (like 32) would be around the optimum, so if you don't log into it +- a day you still get the best.

Maybe a quicker refresh rate for 1-5 insightful votes, or downgrade the 'funny' vote for hot might also be things to look at.

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Interesting ideas, thanks.

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I think a good limit is about 24 hours unless the comments start to explode

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If it's still being discussed, leave it. I like it the way it is.