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Yes, disques on cnn, youtube 16 times, twitter twice, third time shadow banned till death, reddit 6 times, facebook shawdow banned and locked out.

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Easy, mention the neocons in any capacity or anything regarding PSYOP, fabricated mass shootings and off you go.

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Me, too many times, Facebook, twitter, YouTube, Reddit, Quora, zhihu, so many internet forums.


Facebook: Used fake name, many times.

Twitter: Used temporary e-mails to sign up, many times.

YouTube: Uploaded some videos the producer don't want me to upload.

Reddit: Maybe they dislike someone can't speak native English?

Quora: Used fake name and temporary e-mails to sign up, many times.

Zhihu: Asked a question about questioning agricultural development in the country.

How dare people to say the internet is free?