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Disabled, handicapped, paralyzed, special needs, and some others I'm forgetting. I say just call people what you think is the least offensive. You can't avoid offending people sometimes and so long as you aren't being malicious it's just a word at the end of the day.

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I say just call people what you think is the least offensive.

It's fucking impossible.

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The best thing about these words is the target keeps moving forever.

If you have a trait that's objectively bad (being mentally retarded), whatever word is used to describe that trait will be used as an insult. Eventually the "now an insult" word will become offensive enough to the offendatrons that a new word will be coined to take it's place.

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Yeah exactly. I think I've heard it called "the linguistic treadmill". I think George Carlin used to talk about this

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Eventually the "now an insult" word will become offensive enough to the offendatrons that a new word will be coined to take it's place.

Exactly! That's because the true purpose of speech policing has nothing to do with politeness.

Also, "its" is possessive, while "it's" is a contraction of "it is".

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That's why I said to just try and pick the least offensive word and not worry. If someone gets offended then that's on them. People will ALWAYS be offended, so all you can really do is try your best and be confident you weren't trying to be offensive. No point in worrying about an issue that will never be resolved.

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    Well yeah I agree we should all be as honest as possible, but there's nice way and a shitty way to say things. I'm just saying try to err on the side of the nice way as that's all you can do in terms of being inoffensive. We're basically saying the same thing tbh, which is don't worry too much about word choice, just do your best.

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      I see that now! I need to stop being so combative online, reddit has trained me to take every reply as a criticism and it's such a bad habit.

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      Same here! I find myself gearing up for a fight with every reply sometimes, and I have to remind myself that people aren't fighting with me always, especially on saidit

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      i love this! thank you!

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      "Teacher! Teacher! He used the 'R' word!"

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      In India, the term "differently abled" is used on public transports

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      what does that mean though? different from what? able of what?

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      The term "differently abled" is used as a substitute for disabled or handicapped. "Differently abled" emphasizes the fact that many people with disabilities are quite capable of accomplishing a particular task or performing a particular function, only in a manner that is different from people without the disability.

      (Copy pasted)

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      So it means blind people can see and deaf people can hear and legless people can walk. Cool! They've got no problems and require no accommodations then.

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      That's not how you interpret it. "Accomplishing a task IN A DIFFERENT MANNER". Take the example of moving from a place to a higher ground. People without legs require a ramp for their wheelchair as opposed to people with legs using stairs. The task is to get to the higher ground but the way it is accomplished is not the same. Does that make sense? It's about using different means for one same (or similar) end.

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      Cull the herd. If you want to show mercy to the weak, do it with a bullet.

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      Are you implying that we kill those who are disabled?

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      I'm supporting each individual have full control of their own life and liberty. Individuals should be allowed to chose when and how their own life ends, provided they damage no one else in the process.

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      That I do not disagree with. I often feel the same. The only problem is that ending one's life would affect everyone else in their life and cause them a great deal of pain. (We are talking about an individual in general, right? Not specifically differently abled people)

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      The only problem is that ending one's life would affect everyone else in their life and cause them a great deal of pain.

      I own my life, not them. The same goes for every human individual capable of reason.

      (We are talking about an individual in general, right? Not specifically differently abled people)


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      Interesting tidbit: double amputees who have false legs are prohibited from competitive running (in formal sports events) against unmodified humans. Those huge "flipper" legs are really, really good at running. Better than normies with feet.

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      I'm gonna go with differently abled. Great question, maybe there is no acceptable PC term. would know, they are big on people not being ablists.

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      shoot me now

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      You can change the alphabets,but you can't change the evil aggression inside.

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      So you want to outlaw "evil alphabets"?

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      No. And I don't really want to reply you.

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      You had the option of ignoring my post. Well, I don't expect you to continue this exchange if you feel bad about it. All interactions are voluntary.

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      Read it again. If you like, I'll reword it for you.

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      I'm pretty sure it said "go fuck yourself" (paraphrasing).

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      Nope: You can change the words used, but you can't change the malicious intent behind using them pejoratively. (/u/Snow is this right?)

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      I usually call them by their names :p

      Serious: It's easier and better understandable (and used by handicapped people, because they all share the same sports and even schools etc.) to classify upon needs/help they receive.


      • Wheelchair

      • Walking sticks

      • Slow walker

      • In need of a special lavatory

      • Blind

      • Electrical wheelchair with air-support


      These are rough translations but they paint a picture. Gimp or Cripple doesn't tell anyone what that person might need or can/can't do, same uselessness as the term handicapped.

      But this is all not newspeak, it's normal speak, sorry.

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      Are you sure those are inoffensive?

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      If you use them when needed. Talking about or to a person you use their name, if there is need to acknowledge their handicap my method is the best because a lot of handicaps (for example Cerebral palsy) have many different severity levels and can cause a lot of different help needs.

      If you go around calling random strangers 'Wheels' or 'Sticks' (or the Broken) it's on the same level as calling a dude a lady because of the long hair: it depends on how the person takes it but usually that sort of shit is friend level only. But for communicating the needs (or the lack of need) for help their system works best. My sibling does Wheelchair basketball (almost as brutal) and they talk a lot of trash to each other, like holy f*gging shit, but you also know if I as a walker would say such shit they will not like it. If you think you can talk the same, you need your spine cracked you snowflake.

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      Mnem name called me and threatened me in the same post? Whew, I must be close to a cosmic truth!

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      I made the snowflake part up, not commenly used in the Netherlands, but the rest is a saying I've heard a few times thrown at people who were more than pushing the 'friendly' banter meme.

      Though the snowflake part seemed right if you took that all personally :p

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      No worries. It's about what I'd expect from "Internet friends".

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      The word you're looking for is spaz-sexual

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      I think that "special needs" is the most appropriate. I'm annoyed too with the constant shuffling of phrases for political correctness, but definitely don't call people "gimps" or "cripples." There's no need to be rude.

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