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I want to exist within my own body with full knowing of what I do, when i do, how I do, and why I do.

I want to turn the autopilot, or subconscious off, and be able to truly live consciously in all moments with full knowing of benefits, and consequences.

In order to get to this place, I cannot seek association into any group, or tight affiliation. My contract is between myself, and the temporal world. To further my outlook, and always be vigilant of falling into any Frey, I use self reflection mixed with common sense, life experience, sharpened critical thinking skills, and personal responsibility to accomplish this.

All aspects of what I wrote, and perhaps some others are necessary at least for myself, as we move through this entire subjective experience. We must also exercise 'respect', as others are doing the same; learning, and growing.

This is what I do; I don't know about the next guy. I know that my outlook allows me to the best of my ability to look objectively through subjective eyes, mind, and heart.

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Peace of mind and peace in society, to put it simply. I see nothing else really worth pursuing.

But I've also come to realize that hyper-analyzing myself is a bad way to achieve mental peace. When over-thinking itself is the problem, that cannot be solved through further thinking, only by the reduction of unimportant thinking.

I've realized mental peace isn't something that clicks in to place one day, but rather a skill that you cultivate through practice. That practice being setting down and letting go of thoughts that aren't productive toward the goal of long-term and short-term peace within my own mind, within my own social group, and within the context of all humanity. It's too stressful to live any other way, the burden is too great. We have to cultivate the world we want to have.

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I grew up watching TV, movies, cartoons, & playing video games.

I want to keep doing all that stuff into adulthood, while maintaining my own, safe home.
I also want to find and be with that special someone forever, and do stuff together.
I also love cars, and want a collection of a few fun cars to drive, work on, & race.

To do all these things, I need to:
- Make a good living (already started a career)
- take care of my health (already eat well, just need to start physical activity)
- be more social to meet people (already joining recreational group classes)
- Take care of my finances (minimal debt, living somewhat frugal to save $$ already, but I could do better)

I have some fundamental rules to keep on track with my financial & health goals, & stay happy:
- Make the choice that makes for a good story; Make the choice that future-you WON'T regret!
- Plan ahead, but go with the flow when things go wrong, because things go wrong!
- Get people to like you, spread positivity in order for everyone to want to help you.
- Don't get married
- Don't have kids (at least not too early)
- Be with the person that makes YOU feel good about YOURSELF. That's the one.
- Stay connected with friends. It takes work, but reach out because people like being remembered.

If I were to achieve all the things I want, get a house, get my cars, have a lovely girlfriend, have solid finances & health, then I would just keep going. The key to life is to always have something to look forward to just keep working for it, and trying new things and solving problems. I'll just continue to do stuff, because there's always stuff to do to keep your mind occupied. Don't get bored with life. Find something.