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It's normal. Well, not normal, as few people don't, but it's not abnormal. Well, technically it is, but you know what I mean.

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Snow is not a native English speaker. Your comment was hard for me to understand too. :)

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I understand every words he/she said, it seems he/she want to explain 2 kinds of viewpoints.

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I was just joking with wizzwizz—I understood him too. Nowadays we use the computer to watch movies but have no interest in silly TV shows. Yes, the commercials are brainwashing but it is easy to see what they are trying to do. Do you have "reality TV" where you live? I stopped watching TV when that kind of programming became popular. The problem is that the Internet is also becoming brainwashing.

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"Becoming"? Always was.

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Well, it has been for many years but I am thinking of the very early days in the late eighties when the Internet was still "pure". That is ancient history though.

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Not that pure. (. Y .)

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In retrospect, everything seems purer. Let me go down in my dream. What does this (. Y .) mean? And now I see it: boobs, porno. Yes, when I was a kid we had to do with some sleazy magazine stuffed in the back of a closet and the Sears catalog. Kids today blah, blah, woof, woof.

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I was kinda joking. The Internet was created by DARPA. That ain't pure.

ASCII boobs --> (. Y .)

In the 80s we had ASCII porn on the Commodore 64.

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Yes, DARPA's work so communication couldn't be knocked out in a nuclear war. Way back then I wrote a paper explaining the beginnings of the Internet. In Tokyo, we had a dial-up net with about six hundred users and then one day we got hooked into the whole world. That was exciting. My old Macintosh Plus is now a clock. Sideways Japanese style— B-) <Me with glasses.

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Most young people (Generation Z or whatever the phrase is) don't have TVs.

Virtue-signalling about it is also pretty common.

So I'd say you're in the norms. Carry on.

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Millennials too.

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I can't stand the ads. I can't stand watching anything in 10 minutes bursts. So no, you're not alone.

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I don't watch movies really, and I don't watch drama. As far as entertainment, I literally only watch comedy television basically, and only without ads.

I've always felt if you want to see drama, just read wikipedia or read the news. There's plenty of it in real life without having to seek out manufactured drama. I really don't get people who love drama. It feels to me like they don't see the world around them.

Like who cares about "Game of Thrones" when you can just read about Syria, or Yemen, or Somalia? Then you're learning something real, while also being "entertained" by drama.

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They don't want to care about the world around them. That's why they love dramas, you can find tons of better politicians in there.

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A good drama can be like watching a good match - in sports, chess, etc. People contesting against one another, for money or love, wits against wits.

The sad thing is there isn't much good drama out there. That's why The Last Jedi and Capatain Marvel sucked so bad.

Now, if you took good drama and infused it with deeper meaning than the corporate agendas of consumerism and division, and embedded real lessons, values, warnings, and solutions - then you'd have a great product again and be introducing food for thought...

Stay tuned, for May Day I buy my domains and then I will regale you with my bittersweet story.

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Now, if you took good drama and infused it with deeper meaning than the corporate agendas of consumerism and division, and embedded real lessons, values, warnings, and solutions - then you'd have a great product again and be introducing food for thought...

AKA the news...

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Non-MSM news.

Can also be in parable form set in the near future as a cautionary tale.

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Normal for anyone outside the consumerist bubble.

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I think its becoming more normal. I have a tv that we use to watch youtube and netflix but we haven't had cable or satellite in years. Its weird because sometimes I get nostalgic and want to watch something on tv like the old days. Then I spend like 30 minutes looking for something just to finally decide that I don't to watch anything after all.

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"Normal" is relative, but I personally feel the same. At the times I do watch video, I often find that many free videos on YouTube offer much higher quality than any Hollywood studios or television.

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I don't really watch TV. Sometimes I'll turn on a movie, but I'm more likely to read a book or surf the internet. So, pretty normal. I think.

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Using sites like this has directly cut into what used to be my TV time.

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There ain’t nothing but junk and commercials today. I don’t regret giving up on TV over a decade ago.

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Ironically from 1996-2001 living in NYC making mostly commercials I didn't have a TV. I just read or wandered Manhattan or went to movies, when they were better.

I had a couple TVs since, given to me. I only ever watched DVDs on them. Haven't actually had cable for ages. All my TV I download. Most I don't ever get around to watching. I'm down't to about 2 or 3 shows a season. Right now it's Game Of Thrones, Curse Of Oak Island, and Big Bang Theory. And I'm behind. Plus all the ones I've had on a hard drive that will likely never watch.

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You're still looking at a screen, but on your own terms.

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I only watch TV for Breaking Bad/Better Call Saul. Even then, I just pirate them anyway since I can't stand sitting through commercials.

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Yes, it is normal to not watch TV.

TV is shit, mindless time wasting pointlessness with a massive dose of headfuck programming.

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We have a TV but keep a piece of cloth over it. It is useful only when there is some fast-breaking news, like an earthquake. There was a song titled Fifty Channels and Nothing On. That's a good description of most TV. The commercials are usually the best part and the most expensive. You are my kind of normal.

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Are you from Japan?

The commercials are the part they used most money in produce. It's so brain-washing, therefore even worse than news.

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Yes, how did you know I'm in Japan? Maybe my IP number? I used to have a VPN but I decided not to pay for another year. I like software that you buy once and it is yours forever. Companies are so greedy.

I was born in the US. Where are you from?

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I can't read your IP address.:) You mentioned the earthquake and the timezone that you are not sleeping and your name...Only people in Japan can have such kind of awareness about earthquakes.

It's a secret that where am I came from.

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Your guess was good. It's a good idea to keep it secret. Yes, in Japan sometimes they warn us that an earthquake is coming by sending a very annoying sound through our cellphones. It's time for dinner here.

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Oh wow, that's very interesting! Can you control the sound by muting your phone or does it play regardless?

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I can't answer that one because the sound doesn't appear very often, thank goodness. But everybody's phone does it so you can hear it coming from other apartments. Then if you turn on the TV, there is an earthquake report immediately. On the day of the Fukushima quake, all trains stopped for the rest of the day so we had to walk home. After about ten miles we found a bar that was still open and ordered a couple of large tokkuris of sake. While slurping that down we watched a bank of six TVs and all of them had maps of Japan with red flashing all over indicating possible tsumami. It was a bit surrealistic. We walked about thirty miles that night and kept stopping at bars more and more frequently. Usually, if you're outside you can't feel the quake and aftershocks but that day the ground was moving under our feet. The worst part was the aftershocks that went on every day for about two months. No joke. After a while, it starts to get on your nerves. REM fan? Me too.

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You are incredibly clever. We need more people like you. (Though, in future, note that it's bad manners to dox people in public.)

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Also, if I remember correctly, Japan also has much higher quality ads than other places.

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A VPN isn't software; it's a service. As such, it makes sense that you don't have it forever.

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Okay, software or service, I do not want to pay for it every year. VPN Express works fine but at $100 a year they can take a flying furk at the moon.

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$100 a year‽ Yeah, that's ridiculous. Tell you what; I'll give you a VPN for $5 a year and sell all your personal data. How does that sound?

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Your name is a clue. What does it mean?

Also you mentioned it before.

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Remember the big old sets of your grandparents with the doors on the front? I'd like to see a variation on that return.

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I don't watch TV too.

Just use web streaming.

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It's very normal if you consider all humans who have ever lived.

I stopped at the turn of the century.

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for sure, consider yourself lucky for not being exposed to it. it is getting worse and worse as time goes on. the last time i owned and watched tv was about twelve years ago and even then, i only watched master-chef. it made me a good cook so i cant say its all bad.

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If you don't like to watch mind control, then yes, it is normal.

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Who do need watch TV today if we have internet with a large range of content?

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Video games have mindless narratives too. Sure they may be a little more interactive and engaging. But they're just as culpable.

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Maybe I will post another thread to rant about video games.