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I'd use Donald Trump's account.

I'd tweet that QAnon has been renditioned by a coup, and that the time for revolution is now...

I'd post countless links to AE911Truth, WTC 7 demolition, and other fact-based justice oriented organizations and Truther pages.

I'd call on all American Patriots to educate themselves on the facts and to liberate themselves.

The war on terror is a war by the US govt against the American people!

I know that I can count on the public to see it through.

  • Don't wait to be rescued.
  • Live as if you are already free this very minute!
  • Practice nonviolence.
  • Demand justice!
  • You are free!

Calling all Veterans!
All Patriots! All Americans! Defend the Constitution!!!

Make America Great Again!!!

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Gonna be hard to do all that with only 280 characters...

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I'll use to shorten the links.