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Good question!

  • Bus Rapid Transit or as we call it busway in Indonesia: Once upon a time while boarding the bus I noticed some other passengers were talking about some nerdy stuff, I joined the fun convo during the travel.

  • Commuter Line train: DELAY, the most annoying thing ever. Because the train has a problem with overhead catenary.

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This one time I was in Paris visiting, riding the subway, and some 14 year old guy tried to pickpocket my wallet out of my front jeans pocket. He failed, I grabbed his hand as he was pulling it out. I was so shocked, I think he was too. We just kind of stood awkwardly for another stop or two. He didn't want to run away because it would admit guilt, and I didn't confront him because I was like 19 and never had anything like that happen to me before and was just kind of stunned lol.

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Hopefully that was his first and last time trying something like that. Guess he thought that people from other countries(especially America) are dumb, i don't know where you're originally from. Very bold of the kid.

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You're probably right. I hope it was his last time too. I also in retrospect wish I had caused a scene to ensure it would be his last time.

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Riding CATS in Charlotte, NC, I witnessed a woman drinking beer from a Coke bottle. You could tell what it was, that was obvious. She talked to herself and giggled the entire time. I was glad when she got off the bus because I found it hard not to laugh at her. I think the bus driver was afraid to say anything to her.

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Heeey i rode cats in Charlotte, too. I saw some things, too. I still haven't tried the light rail thing.

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Weird moment in my mind as I imagined you riding a giant cat.

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When I was in New York, I saw an entire subway dedicated to carrying bags of trash late at night.

Also in New York, one time I forgot my bag with my precious laptop at the Staten Island ferry station and freaked out so much that the ferry momentarily stopped (I was a kid at the time).

Not much eventful has happened at my normal home in Los Angeles though. My, are the trains awesome though!

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Sooooo, what happened with the computer?

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Ah; I went back to the other ferry station and the person working at the restaurant saved my bag :) . Today, it is sitting dormant near my other computers.

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Riding the bus in Vancouver, it lurched forward so hard and fast that I dropped my phone and the battery came out. I was pissed off until we all had to get off as there was an old man who's cane had slipped - he'd fallen off the sidewalk and stumbled into the road, and he was still partly under the front wheel. I don't know how he fared. I called the po-po. And walked to the studio to direct some animation for a mediocre Dustin Hoffman climate change documentary. "Little did I know..."

Also in grade 9 I had my rat tail cut off by some big mean older girls.

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Wait, dude fell out of the bus when his broke hard or the bus broke hard to not hit the old man? Also, I had my hair almost cut on the bus in high school. Girls are so mean. They really tried to cut by hair. Bus driver just laughed instead of helping. High school was 0/10.

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Clarified. I think.

Grade 9 was meh. The rest was great. I was lucky enough to be like Ferris Beuller in that I had friends in all groups. I wasn't in the "popular" crowd because I was in all of them. I didn't let many of the group dynamics slow me down. Meanwhile some classes were good some not, and home life SUUUUUCKED.

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The last time I rode the bus I was scared for my life because of all of the niggers. I would not recommend it to anyone.

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That's a bit racist, and irrational too.

Edit: Actually, what am I thinking? That's a lot more than "a bit" racist…

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If I replaced "niggers" with "african americans* is it still racist? Honest question.

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The fear itself would be just as racist (since it is based solely on race and very over-generalised), but the wording would be significantly less shockingly offensive.

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In that case I'll stick with "niggers".