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One thing I've been grateful for for a long time is my nice, powerful, home-built computer. It is so much better than my old 2007 barely functional MacBook 3,1, and getting it was, well, a huge increase in the quality of my life! No longer do I have a computer so bad that even people with terrible computers have it far better than me. To this day, it still feels blazingly fast, and serves me oh-so-reliably! I am also grateful for the power and internet that allows me to continuously run servers on it; I wasn't able to for a while and it is so, so much less terrible now! My dream, for years, was to get a decent computer, and now I have one. Now all that's left is my dream of self-sufficiency and creating an IP-free gift economy, but other than that, I have nearly everything I could ever want!

I am also grateful that SaidIt exists. Thank you /u/Magnora7 and /u/d3rr for creating this, and thank you, everyone, for the amazing community with lots of tact :D !

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Yes, we should all be grateful for Saidit and those who started it. Don't forget /u/Tom_Bombadil and /u/useless_aether. They were all there at the beginning and created the wonderful atmosphere we're experiencing.

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:-) thank you!
so far so good. its up to all of us tho.

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You all deserve it. I told Jason that the tipping point was back a few weeks ago and there is no going back now. Every day there are more usernames and more posts. You guys are doing something really good here for a lot of people with nowhere else to go, like me. Thanks.

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Gracias, my friend!

"The best way to predict the future, is to create it."

Much respect to Magnora7, and D3rr. The heroes of wisdom, and restraint to make this happen.

Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power.

Game on gentlemen.

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I built my first tower a year and a half ago. man that was a little intimidating manipulating such fragile yet expensive electronics especially the cpu or G card.

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My health. I've got lupus, and after years of medicine, I'm finally off of everything. Complete remission.

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To be able to perceive and think about things with some clarity.

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I am grateful that thoughtful and kind people are choosing to use saidit.

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My health, my computer, and my friends.

Without them life would be empty and meaningless.

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im grateful i escaped totalitarian america. im grateful to be able to dream again. Im grateful to be loved. Im grateful for all my friends who help me. Im grateful for my new homeland.

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Curious, what country did you move to? Still stuck in america :/

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Being happy and healthy. Life is good right now. :)