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It's a great way to increase the IQ of a population over time.

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The IQ of the population can only go upwards by embracing GODs air only. Cast away the evil of food poisons and liquids that interfere with sexual function by using the GODs blessed bodily pieces to merely excrete waste juices. It is vile and primitive. Only the intellectual ones who embrace GODs air will join us chosen ones in Breatharian enlightenment.

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Settle down there Jim Jones.

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The power of GOD is in the air you breathe. If you don't believe in GODs air, you don't believe in GOD himself! I have been inhaling GODs air all my life, I am now one of GODs purest children. If by referring to the preacher Jim Jones you think that I am religious, you are wrong. I am not religious, I am an atheist. I am of GODs chosen people and have become GOD himself. Your GOD is your food and drink, it is a false GOD, it lures you in with its evil. You are EVIL without casting away food and living only on air.

People waste the power of sexual energy in pursuit of ephemeral pleasures of eating and drinking, instead digesting it and storing the poisons. Removing food from the diet and living on only air is probably the ultimate in terms of deferred gratification, which is the great difference between humans and animals: the capacity for deferring gratification for a later time, such as actually using the power to promote pure sexual energy. It makes you feel more alive by only breathing GODs air!

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I'm not sure that that's 100% true.

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What is your evidence? Have you tried Breatharianism? What right do you have to spout bullshit about this rightful diet which brings everyone closer to GOD? You shit all over my belief without even looking at the link I posted, without a shred of truth to your words. You are a liar! Nothing you speak is the truth! You have no right to disrespect me or my beliefs without having any idea what you are talking about! Respect me and my Breatharianism!

There is a problem when you admit knowing absolutely nothing about a topic and then calling it bullshit in multiple ways and then demanding respect for it. You spout fabrication, outright lies and misdirection, and you look completely psychotic. Those in the Breatharian community know the vitality that GODs enrichment can give you by only breathing air. Facts that you admit you know nothing about.

I never pretended you knew anything about Breatharianism, I simply shared a topic of interest for discussion to see if people were interested. Then you proceed to call the topic bullshit in a number of ways admitting you know absolutely nothing about it. And then you demand RESPECT for that opinion.

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What right do you have to spout BULLSHIT about this rightful diet which brings everyone closer to GOD?

...There is a problem when you admit knowing absolutely nothing about a topic and then calling it BULLSHIT in multiple ways...

You proceed to call the topic BULLSHIT in a number of ways admitting you know absolutely nothing about it.

God doesn't like people who swear. Congratulations! You're now going to Hell! Hope you're proud of yourself, Bucko! You're going to need as much air as possible to keep those flames burning!

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Isn't that how Steve Jobs died? He thought hospitals and medicine was "for suckers" and drank air and only ate fruit and thought that could beat cancer? Also, breatharianism is what real-life Barbie follows. She also thinks she can communicate with aliens through light.

So uh... Yeah. Totally normal and valid lifestyle! Yup! I mean, I know you're a troll and all (you can't hide your mannerisms online, Sneako!), but for the 1% chance you're not, Bobby Moynihan... Please, please, please get a life!

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There's been at least 3 well publicised deaths in the UK.

Probably more else where

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What do I do about the poisons that the big corporations are pumping into the air? Do I need a filter before I breathe eat?

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Cast out your sins by expelling all toxins in the body, you must remove all extremely before you can begin cleansing. Flush out your anus with a strong laxative and masturbate to free the sex organs from poisonous additives that linger in your hormonal juices. As you develop your nasal ingestion of GODs holy air, your nose will grow mighty like the Jew, and so will grow the mighty nose hairs. GOD has provided you with nose hairs, natures air filter. No pollutants in the air will harm your intake of nutrients to keep you from thriving with sexual energy. Ask the Breatharian Society and they will support your journey to expel your sins and to embrace GODs air.

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I have held my breath since I was born. How do explain that, mr. breathanaritan?

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/u/Alphix is a Breatharian. He's part of the Breatherhood.

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I thought perhaps you practice pranayama.

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I am not familiar with that name for the ways of VRIL, but maybe I am. I'm no breatharian though. I think that stuff has you waking up with the sun to absorb the first rays of the morning or some shit like that. It's wildly impractical in my situation. I have not tried it, nor do I mean to. So far, food works fine for me.

Although there were articles in India about a man who was sought after to teach this technique to future astronauts. Shrug.

Yes, there are things in this world that the brainwashed sheeple think are impossible. It only testifies to their lemming-mindedness.

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It sounds like someone needs a girlfriend.

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Go for it. Eventually you will be successful. A corpse never eats or drinks again.

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Breatharianism is a cult. Oxygenarians are the true believers.

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Original Sin might have actually been eating. Adam, if you eat that fruit, you get kicked outta paradise and have to plow and shit.

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