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Yes all women are gay. Liking men is gay.

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No and it doesn't make you a woman either. We've long been accustom and tolerant to cross dressing, since at least the 1980's.

This new fad of people cross dressing, then demanding to use the other restroom with your kids, and calling you bigoted if you don't play along with their egotistical fantasy, is just some entitled assholes seeing how far their bullying can convince people to bend reason.

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According to wokies, it makes you true and honest woman UwU

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This is going to be interesting. I'm looking forward to the creative reactions on this. The insults not so much.

The outfit of the pope, is that a dress?

What are the rules for a piece of clothing to be considered as a dress?

And to give an answer to your question: No, I personally don't think that wearing a dress makes you queer. I must admit that I'm neither educated in dresses nor what it takes to be categorised as queer.

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These entitled bastards are testing the limits of how far their bullying can words from letters persuade people to bend the rules by engaging in the latest trend of cross-dressing, asking to use the other restroom with your kids, and labeling you prejudiced if you don't go through with their egocentric fantasy

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i kinda like it when they crossdress