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I prefer Desantis, he's less of a buffoon

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DeSantis is better but there's something "off" about him. I fear a John Roberts-style blackmail scenario with him.

I'd really prefer Ted Cruz over both, but he's pretty widely despised by the Sadly Enfranchised.

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Cruz always seems like he has his head screwed on. Listening to Cruz scrutinize Fauci over his bullshit and lies about gain of function research was golden.

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I didn't get the outrage over his trip to Mexico. It was like 19 degrees with no electricity in Texas. Is he just supposed to die? Was the official narrative, "whatever you do, don't evacuate"? People are frickin retarded, man.

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Most Texans couldn't flee and our politicians are the reason our electrical grid sucks ass. Cruz is a Canadian anyways.

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Yeah, and the retards who hold up in a wooden shack during a hurricane get praised like some kinda hero for putting their family at risk. Man took his family to Mexico, good for him. I'd do the same

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Trump is overly divisive and already proven to be a bit of a clown - or worse. He recruited and kept held of deep state turds like Fauci, pushed the warp-speed death-clots and his arrogance and pride get in the way of everything.

DeSantis in contrast has proven a solid leader in his own state. I say give him more.