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Ah yes the cure for racism: more racism

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No. My ancestors bought slaves legally under the rules in place at the time. It was illegal for the Yankees to free them without compensation. I should be paid reparations by the Yankee oppressor because of this.

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That dude's based

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I know man, if only you didn't delete your account. I missed you.

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Do you have kike guilt?

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I have a clean conscience, there is nothing to be guilty of. No individual takes responsibility of another individuals actions, especially when those individuals are from hundreds of years prior. Using the term 'white guilt', or 'white privilege' is itself racist and not something I condone.

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"White guilt refers to a belief that white people bear a collective responsibility for the harm which has resulted from historical or current racist treatment of people belonging to other racial groups, as for example in the context of the Atlantic slave trade, European colonialism, and the genocide of indigenous peoples."

No I do not

You can say 'the whites' collectively are responsible in the sense that it wasn't 'the asians' who did those things, but this does not mean that if some white people, or even the majority of white people do something bad, anyone else with that skin color is now responsible for their crimes. That would be stupid

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Exactly. This is as idiotic as distrusting your upper middle class black neighbor with the wife and two kids because there are gang bangers doing crime in Compton.

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So if that is white guilt where is the black guilt for their part in the African slave culture that was the foundation for the Trans-Atlantic Slave trade in the first place? Sure whites were wrong for taking advantage of it to procure slaves for American plantation owners but the bottom line is if African slave culture had not existed there would not have been African slaves for sale in the first place.

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Who created the slave culture?

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Africans. They were enslaving each other for thousands of years before Americans started buying them.

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don't feed the bot.

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Yes. We've failed to address the JQ whatsoever.

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don't be stupid

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I used to but then I got over myself.

I also used to be racist against white people.

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not to be redundant but;

if i recall correctly both the british and americans outlawed slavery in the mid 1800's. perhaps you'd prefer to live in Libya or perhaps any of the other 93 countries that haven't made it illegal.

in fact the counties that practice slavery present day have very few white people. let's not forget all the white people who died in the war to free slaves. 🤔

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My ancestors' slaves were Irish, so... No?

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White guilt is just an excuse for white cowardice.

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Most people with comfortable backgrounds have some guilt because we constantly here about the worst off victims.

The fact is most poor people put or keep themselves there. And I'd include whole countries in that bracket.

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I do however have extremely left-wing liberal parents in-law who do my nut in about this on the regular though. They're always on about one of their nieces who married a black man and has "beautiful coloured" children like it's a badge of honour and are immediately superior to mine and their daughter's children.

Only the other week, my son brought home the awesome news that his predicted grades for his exams are in the 8s and 9s (new version of what A and A* is). He has worked his arse off to do it too. Meanwhile the niece's children are not doing great in school and the eldest son is repeating his GCSE years in another school after failing them entirely. Yet they are always on about how unfair the system is, how it needs to be more diverse and how those poor kids are struggling against a system designed to privilege white males. So basically my son's achievements are just par for the course and meaningless on account of her daughter sadly marrying a white guy.

It's not what they say, but it's how they say what they do that drives me up the wall. I don't even like taking my kids there anymore as it's a brainwashing session on how bad they are for being white.

I take issue with it as my son spends hours at night revising and doing his damnest to get ahead in life. He has seen my examples, I sit with him too when he's trying to figure out how to do some maths thing and I'm straining my ol' grey matter trying to remember what the hell I did when I was at his level.

The reason the niece's kids are having a hard time is because there is no discipline. They can talk your arse off about gaming and girls, they have three PS5s in the house and the middle kid looks to be going the same way. Meanwhile my two hit the books every night.

I make decent money but I don't spend it on shit. I drive a ten year old car and will drive it until it dies. The niece's husband earns just over half of what I do yet they just leased another new Audi - likely to impress my parents in law. How they're doing it on his salary I have no idea.

Neither the niece, her husband or her kids are bad people, they're all lovely. But they are thoroughly unstructured. To me colour has nothing to do with it, the kids lack basic discipline or the value of getting themselves a damned education.

Yet my parents in law tend to try and mention it as much as possible, how beautiful those gorgeous coffee coloured kids are and what a terrible piece of work the white man is for keeping such geniuses down in life.

No, you can kiss my white guilt goodbye! I have zero.

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Have to be white to have guilt first.

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What ethnicity are you?

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