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Because the media made it a meme and normies follow the crowd. Like at school your in group chooses to bully someone. It’s very hard for normies to resist social pressure and be ethical.

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White people are the ones who stopped slavery. It was the jews responsible for the slave trade in the colonies. The rest of the world also had slaves, they just took them through violence rather than commerce.

It is the jews greatest trick to pin slavery on the group that ended it.

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White people did slavery

chinese are actually pretty awesome nothing bad to say about them

You're a fucking dumbass and you'll never get pussy. Does that answer your question?

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White people did slavery.

African slave culture existed for thousands of years before Americans realized there was no laws in America preventing them from buying them from African slavers and bringing them here.

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Is that why Israel has some of the world’s lowest rates of penile cancer?

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No, it's because no one wants to screw an inbred.

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they're jealous of our souls brocel

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Its actually white people did incest, jews did usury, arabs did slavery, chinese did cultural appropriation, indians did veganism. We can argue about which is the worst crime.

Incels crime is the same as a batchelor lion driven from the pride. He was born male. Same solution. Find a territory or perish.

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the category "incel" is a self-defined group. You decide you belong to it by saying that you can't get something that you think you have some kind of entitlement to. But sex is an interaction between two people, not a thing anyone deserves or has a right to. To act like you should be granted sex is to completely dismiss the other human being who's part of the relationship. Even if it's casual sex there's a choice made, consent to enjoy something together - nothing's being withheld if you aren't having sex. It's like not having friends or no one coming to your parties or liking your music. That's on you.

No one hates people who are born into a category of "incel" but if you define yourself as an incel, you are saying you're a self-pitying asshole who has no respect for women's self-determination. Kinda putting yourself in an unlikable group.

your list of why to hate other groups is pretty unbearably racist, btw, might want to tone that down too

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This is meaningless in a world where SMV has been artificially inflated.

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To be historically accurate, slavery was done mostly by jews.

Anyway, incels are hated because soyciety wants to promote matriarchy and to do so asks for victims. So incels are demonized for everything because foids can never have enough.

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I don't hate incels, but I don't like them either. This isn't based on judging others based on their ability to get laid. This isn't white knighting for 50% of the human population. An incel isn't just a virgin.

Incels are a specific intenet community who are both annoyingly arrogant and one dimensional. It is as though they had all come from or derived their worldviews from 4chan /r9k/. These are shut-ins who mainly experience the conglomerate, collective, sometimes fictional recounts of others especially the flood of depressive, relationshit greentext stories of /r9k/ in 2010s and some bad break up stories on Reddit.

Since then they have definitely spread to other parts of the internet. Their talking points and rants regarding "the roasties" are recognizable. They repost the same years old screencaps. The differences between their personalities is the anime girl they waifu and the genre of pornography they enjoy. They are sometimes indistinguishable from spam bots because of the reoccurring theme of their messages and how often they post. They are sometimes hostile to anyone they consider a "normie". They can be arrogant about the Japanese entertainment media they consume. That if something hasn't been distributed outside of Japan, they are better than you for knowing about it before you did.

I don't think incels should be demonized, but there is little to be done about this group of people. They have been a convenient raison d'etre of feminist internet activism; that anyone who likes video games, anime, and has a single negative word about feminism is an incel. Thankfully that era has ended. But the only people can really help incels is either themselves or their families.